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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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nearly 4:30. we can kind of see the weekend now. >> did you say it was "hump day"? >> "hump day!!" >> take it away! [ laughter ] >> we have morning drizzle out there due to the extension of the marine layer this morning. temperature-wise we are in the 50s and 60s. the full forecast straight ahead. >> and checking roadwork out the door, westbound roadwork is picked up at pleasanton, eastbound some approaching grant line. 4:30. we start with some breaking news out of san jose right now. firefighters are battling a fire right now. it's burning next to the capri apartments on the alameda west hedding street. it started about 30 minutes ago. no reports of injuries right now. but people have been evacuated. a gas meter was involved in the fire. pg&e crews are headed there. we have a crew on the way. isis killed a second
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american journalist. allen martin reports the terrorist group released new video that's been authenticated by u.s. officials. >> reporter: the video entitled a second message to america, is a grim replay of last month's murder of american reporter james foley. this time, it's another u.s. journalist, steven sotloff, who, like foley, is shown kneeling in an orange prison jumpsuit at a spot in syria. once again a masked man with a knife speaking in a british accent explains sotloff is being killed for ongoing american air strikes against isis. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: just before his purported beheading sotloff recites clearly scripted propaganda asking why he has to pay the price. >> i was terror stricken when i saw it. but that face, it was like the minute i saw his face, i went back to my childhood.
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i saw that same face that i remember and -- and then when i saw his name, and i knew it had to be him. and i was devastated. >> reporter: a spokesman for the family would say the family knows of this tragedy and is grieving privately. isis has made it clear the horror may not stop with sotloff's murder. on the tape, the masked executioner presents a british hostage identified as david haynes and suggests his life now dependents on the actions of the u.s. and british government. allen martin, kpix 5. >> president obama says the u.s. is grief-stricken over the killing. he has ordered 350 more troops to baghdad to help protect the u.s. embassy. a third american health worker has ebola while working in liberia. he is reportedly doing okay. he was not treating ebola patients when he began to show systems. he was working for the same group as the other two
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americans who contracted ebola and they have recovered. the director of the cdc warns the ebola epidemic is spreading fast than doctors can treat it. >> it's spiraling out of control. it's bad now. it's going to get worse in the near future. there is still a window of opportunity to tamp it down but that window is closing. we really have to act now. >> the cdc is calling on all nations to pour resources into west africa to help doctors treat the rapidly growing number of patients. pg&e slapped with a record fine for the deadly san bruno explosion. $1.4billion. but kpix 5's ann notarangelo reports, some people worry the utility is still getting off easy. reporter: this was the september 9, 2010, inferno that killed eight people and destroyed a neighborhood. judges from the cpuc found pg&e committed nearly 4,000 violations concerning a gas pipeline over more than 18,000
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days. when the $1.4 billion penalty is combined with previous rulings, it adds up to more than $2 billion against pg&e. the company also got credit for more than $600 million in previous pipeline repairs but the city of san bruno says it's unfair. another concern is who gets the money. as it stands, $950 million will go to the state's general fund. 400 to pipeline improvements and $50 million would go to, among other things, independent auditors to oversee pg&e. >> san bruno has always taken the position that it wants a safe system so all those fines and penalties we believe should be reinvested in the system to make it a safe system. >> what we have asked the cpuc is they come back with a final penalty that is reasonable, proportionate and takes into consideration the billions in infrastructure improvements. >> reporter: it's stipulated it must come from shareholders not
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ratepayers but watchdog agency "turn" is concerned they will get around it. it's too early to say how ratepayers will be affected. unlike corporate fines, san bruno's city attorney says pg&e won't get a tax deduction. if no one appeals then it takes effect in 30 days but it is likely someone is going to people whether it be the watchdog group turn, pg&e or the city of san bruno. in that case, the cpuc will take up the appeals and then the board will vote on a final penalty for pg&e. in san bruno, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> peninsula state senator jerry hill says the fines should be bigger. he says: >> prior to this the biggest penalty the cpuc ever handed
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down was also against pg&e, a $38 million fine for a 2008 gas explosion in rancho cordova. 4:36. a look at weather now. i guess the big cooldown continues, right? >> yeah. this is really the most difficult time for me as a forecaster. it's most frustrating i should say when you don't have a lot of activity going on. sure, we had a trough blow through, it didn't bring rain, just dropped temperatures. now we are entering temperatures typical of june. we are in the summer doldrums and june gloom. i don't see any changing in thursday. out the door, clouds and drizzle at the coastline, 50s and 60s. today partial coastal clearing in the 60s. average high in san francisco is 68. we'll see that. 86 degrees in livermore, which is average. 80 in san jose. 77 in santa rosa. anything really notable today, breezy winds westerly 10 to 20
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along the peninsula. check out this stagnant weather forecast each and every day. very little change maybe a degree or two, that's about it. we are into the summertime june gloom into the month of september. we have a lot of roadwork right now. no big hot spots out there. no accidents. so that's the good news. a lot of overnight roadwork. it looks quiet. i swear there were cars a few minutes ago traveling westbound across the richmond/san rafael bridge. eastbound traffic down to one lane from castro into bayview coming into richmond. here's a look at dublin- pleasanton. they cleared overnight roadwork westbound between livermore and pleasanton. eastbound lanes blocked looks like two right lanes according to caltrans between north flynn and grant line that should be wrapping up by 6:00. and check out all the delays right now in the south bay. southbound 880 between stevens creek and 280, a lot of
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overnight roadwork going on right there looks like the two right lanes closed for at least another hour. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you. >> thank you. so when your boss buys your lunch, do you pay taxes on it? >> not now. that could change. the "wall street journal" reports the irs is going after perks like that. andria borba has the story. reporter: everybody likes a free lunch unless you're the internal revenue service. and what the irs really doesn't like, the cafeteria at the google plexor twitter verse or any iteration in the tech world. san francisco tax attorney steve moskowitz says the irs has been sniffing around the food perks for years. >> that has been around forever. the first time i was asked that question was in the early '70s. >> reporter: while the irs is looking at it as a taxable fringe benefit, meaning the government needs to be paid for 30% of the fair market value, moskowitz say it's all in how tech companies package it. >> if the employer says, as
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part of your compensation, i'm going to give you a free meal, then you can get taxed and that's been tried. however, if the employer says i'm giving you this for my convenience and my benefit, then it's not taxable, plain and simple. >> reporter: while lunch and snacks may be out of reach, other tech perks like gyms, yoga and child care might be fair game. >> talking about the fair market value of what you're being given. but it depends. the big biding line, is it compensation -- the big dividing line, is it compensation, if so, taxable. if not, no. >> reporter: he takes on the tax case of our kpix 5 mic. >> this microphone that you're using, you're not going to be taxed on it. this is for the convenience of the employer to do the job. on the other hand if they said look as part of your job, you can use the microphone at home to do karaoke, then it's taxable. that's what tax ability is all
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about, characterization. >> andria borba, kpix 5. a home improvement retailer is investigating unusual activity that may point to a major data breach at home depot. it may be the work of the same hackers that hit target last year. shoppers in hayward brought cash. >> it's really unfortunate, you know. these things happen. i work in technology. i work with software. these kind of things happen. if people want your data, they will get it. >> home depot is working with banks and law enforcement and will notify customers immediately if they confirm there's been a breach. a 12-year-old hayward boy declared missing back home this morning. police say the boy returned home last night. no other details were given. officers have been looking for him since after school yesterday. a pickup truck swerved on a sidewalk runs over a woman and the driver never stops to help. it happened in pittsburg sunday night but as christin ayers
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reports, the police have video that captured the hit-and-run. >> reporter: surveillance video showed the pickup truck cruising pals a gas station on willow -- past a gas station on willow pass road in pittsburg. the truck veers into a woman on a sidewalk. pittsburg police blurred it but you can see a light pole snap and fall. a truck like this keeps driving leaving the victim, 50-year-old michelle brad, to die. tonight her friends watched the video in disbelief. >> doesn't he have a conscience? >> reporter: they came where she died to light candles and ask for justice. >> he killed an innocent woman. and he is going to get caught. i feel that. i know that. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. you won't find tobacco products at your cvs store anymore. what's replacing cigarettes and
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cigars on their store shelves. >> what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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nah, i'm still sad about the popcorn. river's went into a cardiac arrest last week during a precedure at a doctor new york. the joan rivers is on life support according to her family. she went into cardiac arrest during a procedure in new york. the 81-year-old was rushed to the hospital thereafter. her daughter melissa says her mother would be overwhelmed by the kindness. coach harbaugh and others are speaking out about ray mcdonald arrested sunday for allegedly beating his girlfriend. he practiced with the team yesterday. harbaugh has a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. he said a player found guilty of abusing a woman would be let go. other players also spoke about mcdonald's arrest. >> you know, i don't like to intrude when -- when things come up like this because
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that's between ray, the organization, his, you know, uhm, fiancee, and, uhm, whoever is involved with the situation. uhm, so i leave that to them. >> that's our brother, that's our teammate and, uhm, we're going to support him and that's pretty much all i'm going to say about that. >> investigators with the san jose police department say mcdonald's fiancee had visible injuries but no medical treatment was required. she told a dispatcher mcdonald hit her and she was 10 weeks pregnant. here in the bay area, the drought has prompted many people to useless water. >> true, but in the town of east porterville, southeast of fresno, there's no water there. none. and as allen martin found out, the people living there, day to day life a struggle. >> forget about the lawn and car. you don't realize how much you need the water until this happens. reporter: the dusty flatlands of tulare county where it's 94 degrees as the
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sun goes down and the ice cream man draws a crowd but ice cream is no longer the most popular delivery in this neighborhood. >> they are filling it like once a week, sometimes twice a week. it depends on how much water we use. >> this water tank, believe it or not. i just won the lottery, it feels like. >> reporter: most run on shallow private wells and one by one they are going dry. that means the only drinking water comes in donated bottles and for everything else, the county is delivering and filling these storage tanks for household use. but with that help comes a lot of work. >> this is 2014. yeah, this is what we do. >> reporter: every round of dishes and every load of laundry -- >> i don't know. i don't know how long we can go with this. >> reporter: -- every flush of the toilet and every, single bath. >> it's a bucket for each girl. and that's what we manage every day with. >> reporter: and every time another well runs dry, another tank appears. >> 200 families without water
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in their houses. 200. >> reporter: the truth is, no one knows exactly how many families have been affected. >> folks have kind of been, uhm, a little scared to provide information. they are fearful that the county may remove their children. >> reporter: even the neighbors themselves are worried that the lack of water will create unsafe living conditions. >> we will not be removing children. we're not out red tagging homes because we don't want to create a population where folks are homeless. >> my husband's job is here. my son, my daughter's job is here. where are we going to go? >> reporter: nowhere to go and no relief in sight as three years of drought takes an entire community back in time. >> you know, you take, uhm, for granted what you have. you know? when you have the running water inside and you would never believe you're going to be living out of a water tank. and we're hoping for the rain, maybe the rain will help us. but i don't know when that's
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going to happen. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> the county has declared an emergency in that neighborhood which will bring in some state money to help with the water deliveries. some other solutions like expanding a utility network there would take quite some time. >> she said it best. we need some rain. >> she also said we don't know when it's going to happen. i have been looking out the next 10 to 12 days, again, nothing. generally in the month of september, you may see a wayward shower but we saw the 65% chance of el nino occurring this winter, which basically means average rainfall for us at that percentage at this particular time. we'll keep a watchful eye on that. out the door this morning, very mild. also have some condensation in the form of drizzle along the coach. pacifica 69. 60 concord. upper 50s in san jose. numbers down 15 to 20 degrees
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yesterday across the bay area as a trough blew through. the end result is we still have again a second look temperatures for you and it does look like we are now coming down along pacifica. bottom line is your weather headlines today that marine layer has been deepening. what we're seeing today is typically what you experience in the month of june. it's a stagnant weather pattern through the weekend. near normal temperatures all week. no more high 90s. this morning we have the marine layer 50 miles inland. by lunchtime, 1:00 in the afternoon, still hanging very tight to the san mateo coast and also the golden gate bridge. makes its way back onshore during the evening commute and into the overnight hours. so we will see some sunshine away from the coast as this area of low pressure just hangs tight also to the north of the bay area. bottom line is, across the state today, triple digits out of here except for redding. 71 degrees in monterey. around the bay area, 67 degrees in pacifica which is typical.
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mid-80s inland. the extended forecast does call every, single day just a degree or two difference. that's about it. traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, roberta. out the door, we are overall doing well. we have a few areas of slowing with overnight roadwork especially for the next 10 minutes when the bulk of it is. they wrap up by five but some does extend until 6 a.m. bay bridge toll plaza slight delays in the cash lanes, typical. use mass transit instead. bart on time. more than 25 trains no delays. ace on time. southbound 880 between stevens creek and 280, some slowdowns southbound with overnight roadwork. it should be wrapped up by 6:00. we'll let you know if it's picked up a little bit ahead of schedule.
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golden gate bridge no delays. they will be doing lane changes in a little while. right now 14 minutes between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. taillights are westbound 92. it will take 13 minutes to get out of hayward to the peninsula. 880 in oakland looks good as well as westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. still clear 15 minutes and the overnight roadwork has been wrapped up in the westbound lanes. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, that's it. back to you guys. >> thank you. you won't find tobacco products at your cvs store. the country's second largest drugstore chain stopped selling cigarettes and cigars starting today. the retailer originally planned to make the switch next month. those tobacco products will be replaced with nicotine gum and other items to help people quit smoking. it is 4:51 on this wednesday. the damage from napa's 6.0 earthquake still evident. why the governor asked president obama to issue a major disaster declaration. >> we want to invite all your
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put a stop to it. they want the justices to rw an appeals court ruling that said bonds could be issued. even if the funding plan opponents of california's high high-speed rail project want justices to review an appeals court ruling that said bonds could be issued even if the funding plan was flawed. attorneys say the high-speed rail project lacks full transparency and violates the terms of a 2008 voter-approved initiative. new this morning, a 2.7 aftershock rolled through napa
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early this morning. the damage from the 6.0 shaker still evident all overtown. some 10 days later. the governor has now asked president obama to issue a major disaster declaration, speed up the federal aid to the area. as don ford shows us, work to rebuild napa's badly damaged downtown has begun with some deconstruction. reporter: >> had the equipment at the alexandria square building which is probably the most photographed site post- earthquake. >> reporter: there is extensive damage to the upper floors but ground level is looking better. >> so as soon as the upstairs damage is removed, mitigated and secured and stabilized, then those restaurants down the first floor can re-open. >> reporter: the goal is to have the first floor reopened in a week. there's a lot of work to be done. because this is a historic building, major pieces are being saved like this section of roof that's slowly lifted
4:56 am
carefully hoisted and gently placed on the ground. the show attracts quite a crowd. >> all that activity going on, still people who are open, restaurants, delis, they still can make some money. >> reporter: yes, traffic is heavy next to the heavy construction. a sign of welcomed activity as napa works to get back to normal. >> this is a great time of year to be in napa valley. the smell of fermenting grapes in the air and parties, bricks in the street adds a little carnival atmosphere. >> reporter: there's always the bright side. in napa, don ford, kpix 5. >> it is estimated the quake did at least a quarter billion dollars worth of damage up in napa. it is 4:56. coming up canned food still on the shelves, empty cash register, a model t that works. why the northern california store has been frozen in time. coming our way. >> reporter: and san jose fire made quick work of a gas line explosion and averted disaster in san jose.
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we have a live report coming up.
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he killed an innocent woman. he will get caught. >> police in pittsburg are looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run. surveillance video shows the truck right before it struck michelle braz on willow pass road sunday night. >> steven was taken from us in a most horrific act of violence. >> the white house confirms the authenticity of a video showing isis militants beheading american journalist steven sotloff. today president obama begins his european visit to build a coalition to tackle the threat of isis in iraq and syria. >> call on the governor to see that these funds are reinvested for pipeline safe. >> the cpuc has proposed a $1.4 billion penalty for pg&e resulting from the san bruno pipeline explosion. the commission says the utility committed nearly 4,000 violations in the years leading up to the blast. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning."
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>> pagan gets hit, so that's how this game gets started. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. let's get you out the door. ally weather and traffic. >> good morning -- a little weather and traffic. >> good morning, rise and shine for "hump day." out the door, temperatures into the 50s and 60s. sure, a little bit of drizzle at the coast, upper 50s in fremont, 59 vallejo. later today, see these numbers? that's where we should be for this time of the year. very seasonal from the 60s at the seashore to the mid-80s inland. the extended forecast does call for each and every day very little change. elizabeth, can we say stagnant? >> stagnant in traffic a little bit, too. the commute actually now that we're at 5:00 things will pick up but it's been quiet the last half-hour. usually around 5:00 they pick up a lot of the overnight


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